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Here I am at the on first Combatants for Peace Tour, November 2018, in Israel-Palestine building a playground! I am now involved in Philadelphia support group for CofP.

Getting arrested in Harrisburg with Poor Peoples Campaign

arrest IMG_2243(1).JPG
Climate Rally in Philadelphia.jpg

At the Climate Rally in Philadelphia, September 2019, with my grandson Yehuda Weinmartin

Receiving an award from Reconstructionist Rabbinical College - The Crown of a Good Name; presented by President Deborah Waxman

The Crown of a Good Name IMG_0041.JPG
opening of the Lynching Monument.jpg

My visit to Montgomery, Alabama, in April 2018 for the opening of the Lynching Monument by Equal Justice Initiative

Leading Yom Kippur service at Washington DC mall with Rabbi Nancy Flam to draw attention to climate change and Pope Francis’ visit

climate justice march April 2017.jpg

At the Climate Justice March in April 2017 with Maynard Seider, Sue Levi Elwell, Barbara Breitman and Avrum Addison

Protesting to shut down the Berks Detention Center in Pennsylvania with Lynn Iser and Maynard Seider in August 2018

shut down Berks Detention Center.jpg
arrest in DC for Democracy Spring.jpg

This was at my arrest in Washington DC for Democracy Spring, where we were opposing Citizens United and getting $ out of politics. With Maynard Seider and Rabbi Sue Levi Elwell. August 2016

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